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The expression "It's not what you say, it's how you say it" aptly describes the influence that a retail sign has on your business. A well designed sign can effectively tell your customers everything you want them to know before they even walk through the door.

Making Signs in the Workshop

Signs work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Since most of your customers will be from your local area that means your sign will be the most effective direct advertising you will likely ever purchase. Of all the advertising dollars you will spend to promote your business, your sign is the one place you absolutely can't afford to cut corners.

Signs are undoubtedly a useful and imperative method of communication between the business and the customer. Signs build awareness, create interest and sell products and services. Nothing speaks louder to a potential buyer than a bold display.

New technology is providing more exciting possibilities in the sign business than ever before and we are committed to bringing innovative ideas and designs to our customers.

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Choosing the proper letter material is as important as your sign's message. The right material will determine how long your sign will last; and what the look and feel is of your sign.

If you want your sign to look good for an extended period of time (particularly outdoors or where the sign may be subject to wear and tear); you need to make sure your sign is made from materials that will not fade, chip, peel, delaminate, or crack. Sticking to high-impact plastics and metal letters assures a long life for your sign.

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